Get fashionable with the most stylish choices at Sanki Fanki

Get fashionable with the most stylish choices at Sanki Fanki

As the summer is now in full bloom, and our movement is a little bit more eased, there is no reason why our outfits and fashion choices should suffer anymore. Staying at home is no more required, and keeping social distancing can be done while wearing some fashionable and trendy clothes. The summer women’s clothing fashion trends always bring something new and interesting in the women’s department, and now is the right time to flaunt them, every day and everywhere. We at Sanki Fanki are always looking out for everything fashionable that is coming out and striving to deliver to all of the latest trends at affordable prices.

Summer is the time when we all want to show our body, wear something more colourful and interesting, and that is why the fashion trends in summer are more varied and bold than those that come in the colder seasons. From shaping dresses, revealing bikinis to comfortable pants, Sanki Fanki has the unique pieces that will make your summer ultra-fashionable and stylish. For all of those of you that have missed a bit what is trendy and cool, we are here to bring all of them directly to you and above all, you can find them at our online shop. Take a look and enjoy shopping!

Shaping dresses

The shaping dresses, also known as bodycon dresses, are one of the most popular dress choices among women this season. The market is full of different choices, and there are quite various options for everyone’s taste. The shaping dresses come in the spotlight after they were introduced by celebrities, promoting every body size. These dresses are super tight and they follow the line of the silhouette, flaunting the curves and accenting the waist. Suitable for both day and night occasions, the popularity of the shaping dresses is growing even more. Besides the tight cut, the length of the shaping dress can vary, from short, mini, and midi. It can come with or without sleeves. Some have a zipper at the back. The cleavage is also different with each model – it can be V-shape opening, Greek cut or a regular round one. As for the color options, the palette is huge – form monochromatic ones, to those featuring different details, embellishments, fabrics, and accessories. This summer, we suggest you try our Sanki Fanki 2 Layers White Summer Dress. It comes with thin straps that provide enough support, and the dress itself makes each body look visually thinner and taller.

Puffy sleeves

The puffy sleeves entered the fashion trends somewhere last year. Of course, they are not something new, they were very popular back in the ’70s and ’80s, and now is the first time that they reenter the fashion market. The newer and fresher version of these sleeves comes as a summer must-have fashion trend. The choice for this summer falls on a tulle puff sleeves since it is very light and easy for the hot weather. The length of the sleeves can vary from short, midi, and long sleeves, and the base of the top can be everything from a bralette, to a top, bustier, shirt… For the full stylish and modern look, our suggestion is the Sanki Fanki mesh sex Corset. It comes in a light pink colour, which suits all skin tones. To add a bit more fashionability to the tulle, there is a discreet but very cute floral pattern that makes the piece very feminine and soft. The garment itself is an excellent mixture of sexy and trendy pieces. The corset follows the body line, and the transparent tulle shows a bit of skin, but everything in the frames of appropriate and fashionable.

Two-tone garments

The two-tone colour trend is a very interesting and popular choice among the younger generation. This trend makes a connection between two colours that can be contrasting or similar. Whichever the case, there is no blending, but the only sharp and distinctive line that divides the clothing piece into two parts. A garment that is both elegant and sporty are these two-tone pants. Having an elasticized waist and ankles, these pants are what all the fashionistas and it-girls love wearing. This colour combination here is white and black, each leg coming in separate colours. The styling of these pants is also very cool and interesting. The footwear choices are various, they can be everything from heels, heeled sandals, ankle boots to sneakers. The basic look, which is at the same time very unique and fancy, makes the pants interesting and unordinary, a great choice for both day and night outfits.

Cut-out bikinis

Every new season brings new trends in the swimwear department. Over the last years, the trends mainly focused on the top parts of the swimsuits, putting an accent with different details and embellishments that have made the top look more beautiful and unique. However, now, the swimwear department is focusing more on the bottoms, all to promote different body sizes, shapes, and love your own skin. In those terms, the bottom cut-outs are extremely popular this season. Sexy and revealing, these bottoms are showing lots of skin, and the big cutouts for the legs have an elongating effect on the legs, making them look longer and thinner. This type of bottoms is very popular among women, and they are perfect for the beach. The colours, prints, and patterns are quite various, and our suggestion for this summer falls on the white base with blue florals – perfect summer combo.

With these suggestions, every one of you can refresh her wardrobe and wear the latest fashion trends in the summer holiday or stay-cay in the city.

For more fashion updates, trends, and arrival, stay tuned to Sanki Fanki.

Have a nice summer and enjoy shopping!

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